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Demand-Driven Clean Energy for the Global Supply Chain

Fastest path to enable industrial energy consumers - data centers, cold storage, dry warehouse, EV charging, and green fuels - to reduce reliance on fossil fuels

Aston sets a new standard in carbon-free energy with our industrial private grids.

We deliver clean energy in a way that is cheaper, accessible and powers the most essential functions that advance our quality of life.

The Aston Campus is the pioneer in meeting today’s needs with:

Multiple sources of carbon free power generation and storage
Significant power delivery with grid backup
Accelerated delivery timeline for power
Rare large scale development opportunity
Customization potential
Flexibility with contract structure

Brand new construction

The Aston Campus Charter

Sustainable energy supply

Maximizing clean energy

Sustainable water supply

Ensuring water for everyone

Sustainable biodiversity

Support biodiversity and local environments

Sustainable communities

Considering local communities and acting as a partner



  1. Geothermal
  2. Solar
  3. Batteries
  4. SMR
  5. Wind


  1. Data centers
  2. Dry warehouse
  3. Cold storage
  4. EV Charging
  5. Green Fuels

In addition to local generation, Aston campuses also can be built for future connection to the North American Power Grid for advantages of additional future supply and backup service benefits.

But because campuses are capable of standalone operation independent of the grid, the timeline to begin operations is years faster than if grid interconnection were required.

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